Policies & Procedures

Tiny Tots  policies and procedures are founded on our main principle, that is, to treat all children as individuals.

We will:-

  1. Keep your children safe
  2. Keep your children healthy
  3. Ensure they make a positive contribution

Copies of our nursery policies and procedures are available to view in the setting's office.

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The Setting exists to provide full day-care for pre-school & also for Out of School care for primary school age children of parents within the local area.

A waiting list of parents seeking a place in our Setting is maintained throughout the year. Generally places are allocated on first come first served basis, however, where the demand is greater than availability places will be allocated at the discretion of the Setting proprietors.

Where it has not been possible to offer the places requested your details will be placed on a waiting list for increased sessions, if and when any vacancies become available these will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Additional sessions

If you require a one-off additional session please give as much notice as possible, when you will be asked to complete an extra sessions booking form.  Wherever possible we will try to accommodate your needs but this may not always be possible because of the demand for places.

Fees for extra sessions are charged at the usual rate. The sessions are payable whether the place is used or not. Please make cheques payable to Tiny Tots Day Care. Please would parents note that it is not possible to swap an additional session for a normal day of attendance, and that all extra sessions must be paid for.

Children are to be collected before the end of each session.

A late collection charge of £2.50 per 15 minutes or part thereof will be made for children not collected by the end of the session. This will always be at the decretion of Tiny Tots management.


As the costs of running the Setting increase year on year it is inevitable that the Setting’s fees will also increase. Wherever possible these increases will be kept to a minimum. However the Setting is not subsidised in any way, as it is a privately run business, and it is important that our expenditure does not exceed our income 

Information on the collection of fees will be given to you at the beginning of your contracted period. In general, we require two weeks deposit, based on booked sessions, and fees are due weekly in advance 

If your child is absent from the Setting on days where sessions have been booked, (whether because of illness, holiday or unplanned changes to arrangements), full fees must still be paid as the Setting is unable to recover expenses by offering places to other children. No fees are due for Setting closures. Click           to view our fees

Late payment of fees

Tiny Tots Day Care reserves the right to pursue overdue payment by legal means if necessary.


Notice to terminate this agreement and to withdraw your child/ren from the nursery must be given in writing one calendar month in advance of the intended date.


The nursery will be closed for statutory holidays but we are open on inset days. The proprietors reserve the right to close the nursery at other times. The maximum notice possible will be given.

Infectious diseases

You must inform the nursery staff as soon as possible if your child/ren has an infectious disease. The nursery will take advice from the local government ‘infection control for day care’ guidelines and will also act in accordance with their ‘sickness policy’. The nursery receives the right to refuse admission to any child on health grounds.

Personal property

All items of clothing and personal property should be clearly marked and should have at least one change of clothing. Tiny Tots cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property however caused.

Emergency contacts

It is essential that Tiny Tots can contact a parent/carer or alternative emergency contact at all times. Any changes in these contacts must be passed to the nursery before the child next attends.

Fire Precautions

Tiny Tots complies with all fire regulations and has regular fire drills. All fire appliances are regularly checked and maintained. The nursery premises are strictly no smoking areas.

Collection of children

Collection of children must be by a parent/carer or other authorised person. All parents/carers must comply with the nurseries ‘security for the collection of children’ policy.

Policies & procedures

All of the nursery policies and procedures are available for you to read at your leisure. They are available from the office


We sincerely hope that you never have cause to complain but if you do please follow this procedure:

Firstly, speak to the Tiny Tots manager, your concern may be quickly allayed by them.

If you are still not satisfied please ask for a concern resolution form, which you can complete and return to the nursery or address to the regional manager and send directly to head office. If the concern is still not resolved then you can ask to meet with the regional manager or childcare director who will resolve your difficulty.

If you still remain unsatisfied then you can contact your local OFSTED office.

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